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Analysts said Apple's stranglehold on the Smartphone market 86% profit

November 5 2014

Analysts said Apple's stranglehold on the Smartphone market 86% profit


On November 5, according to foreign media reports, analysts at Canaccord Genuity maikeer·wokeli (Michael Walkley) said in a report to investors on Tuesday, according to a recent market survey found that Apple forecast stranglehold on the Smartphone market, profits of approximately 86%, the result is rather notable.

By contrast, Apple's biggest competitor in the Smartphone market, and Samsung just over 18% profit-and this is the worst company, 2011.

Apple and Samsung have combined profits of more than 100%, this is because the other competitors in the industry, such as Motorola and Microsoft is still losing money. In fact, the two companies besides Apple and Samsung, the only corporate profits in the third quarter of positive growth for Korea LG Electronics. Walkley's report shows that market share the company's third-quarter profit to 2%.

HTC and BlackBerry 0% per cent of total industry profits in the third quarter, in which two companies are in the break-even line. Motorola lost flock to $ 185 million in the quarter, total-2%; Microsoft expects a loss of us $ 341 million, per cent of total industry profits-4%.

The entire smartphone market, third-quarter profit fell from a year earlier to 17.3%.

But Walkley also made it clear that because of the lack of data related to sales and profit in real terms, its report did not contain the momentum of growth is popular smartphone brands in China.

Walkley in October this year the United States iPhone 6/6 Plus sales, which carried out a series of questionnaires. Results showed that the United States four big carriers have iPhone 6/6 Plus snap up hot, and consumers are likely to buy higher-capacity models--that could mean the company's products in the fourth quarter average selling price (ASP) will be improved.

"We believe Apple iPhone 6 upgrades is experiencing a historic boom, which includes both older models of iPhone updates, also switched from the Android camp over the high-end users. The "Walkley said," we believe that these trends will reflect well on Apple's strong sales figures for the fourth quarter of this year. ”

Canaccord Genuity is currently maintained on the stock a "buy" rating and reaffirmed a target price $ 120 a share

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