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Hammer came again: the white version is expected to be listed on the 18th of this month

November 7 2014


Since its launch, hammer phone always with black face of the show, whether it is initial production shortfall, is still on sale in the near future, hammer handset on sale for many Marvel hammer powder, as announced in the release of the white hammer handset is too beautiful, and it makes waiting time of hammer powder also seems too long.

Recently, however, another Netizen said the white version of the hammer phone is finally officially on the market. This time, though, due to technology reasons, white hammer phone shipped there may still be a small amount, but it's better than nothing, isn't it?

Micro Bo users @UD Digital Union burst material original following: "white hammer to to has # let everyone bitter, two years of hammer phone, came out fast half has, is suffered has" Waterloo ", was forced to price sales, but feelings not reduction, but sales always than millet of products, after more long of time, white hammer finally to to has, claims can conquered all woman of white, can for old Luo in sales Shang pulled one back a Council does, let we eyes, waiting for 18th, 's! ” One2more

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