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Nokia does phones raise royalties companies concerned

November 18 2014

Nokia mobile phones declined, but still struck a mobile phone manufacturer's nerves.

RajeevSuri recently confirmed at the analyst meeting, Chief Executive of Nokia, and Nokia does not directly manufacture mobile phones of the future, however, he said, Nokia is taking stock of patent licensing fees.

Several phone companies are concerned about this, one company insider told the newspaper reporters no longer produce mobile phones after Nokia, other companies will struggle to restrict its royalties.

However, taking into account the impact on the industry, the attitude of the Government, and may rebound, Nokia has not been finally decided.

On April 25 this year, Microsoft to Nokia devices Division completed the acquisition, however, Nokia does not sell its ownership of a large number of patents to Microsoft, but merely authorize Microsoft to use.

At present, more than 10,000 patents Nokia has at least. Nokia is a traditional handset Overlord, is one of the 2G the main owner of the patent, 3G, Nokia has a large number of WCDMA patents, 4G, actively participate in LTE development of Nokia, which has a considerable number of LTE patents.

"The phones are the same strain, 4G also uses 2G technology. "Mobile phone League Secretary General told reporters Wang yanhui of China, global handset vendors is hard to steer clear of Nokia's patents.

Patents defence, Nokia has maintained a strong fashion. In 2011, Nokia through a lawsuit forcing the company paid a hefty royalty payments, and signed a patent cross-licensing deal, two years of dispute to an end. In 2013, Samsung and Nokia also signed a five-year patent agreement, access to part of the patent portfolio to operate.

In Nokia phones, Nokia and other companies can cross licensing, without paying high royalties. Nokia mobile phones was halted, Nokia becomes flush with the core patent, a single authorized companies. These Samsung who told reporters, because they no longer need to use the other phone manufacturer's patents, "a lot of companies are worried that Nokia would raise royalties. ”

After selling their equipment, patents and telecom services, maps to Nokia one of the three pillars of business. RajeevSuri said Nokia's performance in long-term decline has been out for a long time, ushered in 2011 's first rose.
According to the research institutes ValueWalk statistics, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG, Sony, Microsoft, Motorola, Huawei, nearly 40 companies all need to pay a licensing fee to Nokia.

Researchers estimate that Nokia can at least 500 million euros per year patent revenues, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft is the main contributor, by 2018, Nokia gets royalties would rise to 600 million euros per year.

The first newspaper reporter learned that, at present, most Chinese mobile phone companies have not signed a patent license agreement with Nokia, and Nokia are trying to break out of this situation.

RajeevSuri has made clear that Nokia will start with small and medium sized equipment manufacturers and non-manufacturers (such as set-top boxes and digital camera manufacturers) cooperative negotiation.

"In the past year, people feel little change in Nokia, it's actually in the middle of re-planning franchised businesses, including delegate to third-party firms patent, initiated by these companies charges or lawsuits, there are already a number of China's mobile phone company Nokia issued a lawyer's letter was received. "Wang yanhui said.

Wang yanhui, Nokia game with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, rather than Nokia sued Shanghai huaqin infringement of the company's results.

In December 2010, Nokia in China 8 service companies for patent infringement, including "mobile communication devices with a camera" and "communication terminal", "data transfer method you choose", "users of devices, cellular wireless network and location update methods", "data transfer method you choose" mobile base, such as patents. After a lengthy trial, the case in July last year the sentence of Nokia losing, "select data transfer method" patent has been declared invalid.

Nokia has appeal cases next year are expected to have the final results.One2more

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