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Mercedes uncovers Idea V-ision e plug-in hybrid

March 9 2015

Mercedes uncovers Idea V-ision e plug-in hybrid

Mercedes Benz is an exciting firm. For big swaths of the world, it really is perceived a a producer of fine, high-functionality, high end-slathered, ultra-harmless automobiles. Mercedes is most definitely that, but Mercedes also makes tons of other stuff - buses and DTM taxis and racersdelivery and taxis vans and small city cars and Grand Prix racers.

So, although to some eyes seeing what looks like a Mercedes minivan prominently displayed on the company's massive show stand at Geneva might be rather worrisome, it's not. Don't worry, MB includes this.

"This" is definitely the quite awkwardly known as Principle V-ision e plug-in crossbreed. Of course, you will find a hyphen inside. No, we don't know why, besides to denote that it drive is area of the Mercedes V Course collection. You can think of this as being one more Mercedes technologies demonstrator along the lines of the Mercedes-Benz F 015 idea automobile only in a more normal looking package deal. Once you work through the Basic Anne outside, the reasoning V-ision e connect-in crossbreed has enough gee-wiz sections to keep the average technical nerd fascinated for some time while.

For beginners, the idea V-ision e has superior connect-in hybrid modern technology to make sure enormously strong propulsion for the version. There exists 4-tube gas motor plus an motor unit strapped jointly to supply an overall program output of 245 kW (333 hp) and program torque of up to 600 Nm (442 ft lb). Which happens to be, to use the practical term, a good deal. That's far more torque when compared to a 60s age muscle tissue vehicle. Far more torque. Buick Rivieras, renowned for being absolute torque monsters in the day time place out 10 % under that. Which is in a minivan.

This means the notion V-ision e sprinting from - 100 km/h (-62 mph) in 6.1 mere seconds and topping out at 206 km/h (128 miles per hour). So it's not going to be a real Bahn-burner, but off the line it'll be a real hoot.

On the top of the sporty efficiency, gas consumption comes down to lower than 3. liters for each 100 km (78.4 miles per gallon) - not too shabby for something so huge and sq . and potent. Nevertheless it becomes even better. The car can traveling around 50 km (31 miles) from the all-electric powered setting, generating simple day-to-day trips a fairly easy proposition.

And while you're on those tasks, Mercedes will give you this kind of niceties since the largest panoramic slipping roof structure within the middle-dimensions-van sector, dazzling white meetings and a brown actual-timber surface, all to make "a feeling of expansiveness, flexibility, and lightness."

The Idea V-ision e can also be created being a cellular exec place of work. Mercedes affirms there are alternatives for customizing the V-Course with numerous new comfort characteristics, such as rear professional chairs with leg support, a massage therapy work, and footrests, as well as a sizeable middle console with thermal cup cases along with a five-liter much cooler. May sound like it would be great for highway trips way too.

This auto, or at best its drivetrain, is a good idea on the total number of ranges.

"The Concept V-ision e demonstrates the possibility between MPVs Mercedes will offer you down the road in terms of accommodating our consumers wishes and industry need by providing better exclusivity and a lot more personalization alternatives," states Volker Mornhinweg, Brain of Mercedes-Benz Vans. "Our groundbreaking Mercedes-Benz Connect-IN Crossbreed technologies have empowered us to improve the result of the very most highly effective V-Course at the moment by 105 kW, even as we've minimized fuel consumption to the level of a compact." one2more

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