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Simplifying LED lighting control with triac and quadrac layout

July 7 2015

Simplifying LED lighting control with triac and quadrac layout

Designing an Air Conditioner circuit for controlling LED light outcome is claimed to be easy when utilizing triac layouts, such as the Littelfuse Q6008LH1LED or Q6012LH1LED Collection, due to the fact that the only components called for are a firing/triggering capacitor, a potentiometer, and a voltage breakover triggering tool.

2 inverted parallel sensitive gate LED Color Changing Light silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs), such as the Littelfuse S4X8ES1, can be used as the voltage breakover activating gadget, enabling the controlling circuit to produce a wide range of light level results. Additionally, making use of these components as the activating device is declared to accomplish a reduced hysteresis command since 2 SCRs develop a full breakback trigger.

Triacs utilized in LED illumination lowering controls have normally been qualified and also specified for incandescent light loads, which have high existing ratings for steady-state conditions and initial high in-rush currents, in addition to high end-of-life rise current when a filament ruptures.

LEDs have reduced steady-state current compared to incandescents, as well as their first turn-on current can be greater for a few microseconds of each half-cycle of AC line voltage. Consequently, a spike of current could be viewed at the beginning of each Air Conditioning half-cycle. Generally, the existing spike for an A/C substitute lamp is 6 to 8A optimal; the steady-state follow present is less than 100mA.

If the application does not demand a broad command variety as well as low hysteresis, a straightforward changeable light control could be developed utilizing quadrac devices, such as the Littelfuse Q6008LTH1LED or Q6012LTH1LED Collection. This circuit is claimed tominimise the component matter by incorporating the diac activating tool as well as an alternistor triac in a single TO- 220 plan. This control circuit enables a lower full turn-on voltage due to higher VBO switching of the diac trigger gadget but supplies a light dimming function that runs from 175 ° to

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