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View This Man Squat 315lbs on a 2-Wheeled Scooter

September 21 2015

View This Man Squat 315lbs on a 2-Wheeled Scooter

At ideal, Segways are merely an expensive way to stay clear of strolling. If you have actually ever before seen Segways at work, chances are they were piloted by vacationers using absurd headgears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=fFIkIr0FxSg

But now there's YouTube health club rat Bradley Martyn, who steps into a PhunkeeDuck-- a Segway-like standinng scooter without handlebars-- and also chooses to support squat 4 full representatives of 315 lbs. [Video clip contains some f-bombs.] In spite of his capability to nail each rep, we do not recommend doing this in the house. Whether it's a Segway or a PhunkeeDuck, 2-wheeled mobility scooters are unstable as is, let alone with 315 extra pounds on your shoulders. And plus, at the price of $1,500, these things are possibly also expensive to bother also trying to squat on.

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