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Worms Battlegrounds now available for your Xbox One for $24.99

May 30 2014

"Worms Battlegrounds gives friends and families together from the noble pursuit of personal, planet domination and exploding sheep. Worms Battlegrounds may be the best and biggest Worms online game up to now - a lot more worms, greater scenery, more vibrant...

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PlayStation Retail store Upgrade: 28/05/14 - Ace Combat Infinity, Lemmings Touch And MIND≒0

May 29 2014

Properly hi there, your regular retailer upgrade host, Teflon, is off right now thus it slips to me to create about all of the thrilling treats that Sony would like you to buy from the massively overpriced on the internet marketplace, the 1st in which...

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Shake your moneymaker: PlayStation 4 is already lucrative for Sony

May 26 2014

When Sony is battling as being a company, its gaming section does what it can to bring in the cash. The PlayStation 4 has already been earning money for that Japanese company right after only one half each year in the marketplace. Sony main professional...

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PlayStation Store's Uncover section will help you discover new games

May 25 2014

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog Europe, the PlayStation Store now features a "Discover" section to better help users sort through games and find new titles to play. With Uncover, players can look at online games that "aren't inside the well...

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3 New Online games around the PS4 and PlayStation Now’s Current Video games Checklist

May 24 2014

An onslaught of online games has become announced around the PS4. Game players are able to use the few days to absorb every single activity although getting yourself ready for their imminent discharge times. 'Metro Redux' on PS4: Whopping 1,080p Game...

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Helldivers Coming To The Sony playstation 4, Ps 3 And Sony playstation Vita This Summer

May 22 2014

Sony has shown that Helldivers will be introducing to the Ps 4, Sony playstation 3 and Ps Vita this summer. The best-downward shooter will be produced by Arrowhead Game Studios, which previously launched the measures-experience title Magicka and is particularly...

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Bizarre PSN platformer Stick it on the Guy delivers the LOLZ

May 19 2014

I’ve played thousands of games, but I’ve never played one in which I could massage characters’ minds with a pink psychic sticky hand and listen to their thoughts through the speaker on my controller. Stick it to the Man - released last year for PlayStation...

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Remastered collection R-Variety Proportions rolls out Might 20 for Ps 3

May 18 2014

Aspect-scrolling snap-'em-up games R-R and Type-Variety 2 are being re-launched as remastered collection R-Sort Sizes, Tozai Online games rep David Bruno introduced using the PlayStation Website. Each video games will attribute Hi-def images, revamped...

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Dark Souls 2 Visible Examination: Computer vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360 System

May 16 2014

There’s no position overcoming regarding the bush with this particular headline. Dim Souls is one of the best online games which has left From Software’s creating kitchen table. Regardless of that, the Computer version from the game was completely appalling....

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'Diablo 3: Supreme Wicked Edition' Gets An Xbox And Ps Release Date

May 15 2014

It is been recognized for quite a while that Diablo 3: Now the bundled package of the original game and the expansion has an official release date, even though reaper of Souls was coming to consoles. The total package called “Diablo 3: Best Wicked Edition”...

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